Danny Ovadia Insurance Agencies

Danny Ovadia Insurance Agencies

In 1978 Danny Ovadia established the insurance agency that bears his name, Danny Ovadia Insurance Agencies, which has developed into a leading player in the Israeli insurance industry, with branches providing services in all areas of insurance: elementary insurance, life insurance, marine insurance.

Danny Ovadia Insurance Agencies is well known for its innovation and for developing insurance products tailored to changing market conditions. The firm can provide a professional response to any need relating to insurance. Staff members review customers’ needs and suggest solutions that accurately reflect their situation, both at the business level and at the individual level, to provide comprehensive insurance

protection for all kinds of entities and large organizations.

The Agency employs a multi disciplinary team with country-wide deployment. Danny Ovadia personnel are above all committed to professional, high quality, personal service, and considerable resources are invested to provide the most professional attention for each and every business and customer. Trustworthiness and personal assistance are the guiding principles for the high quality Danny Ovadia Agencies team, and these are the foundations of its success.

Individual insurance: car insurance, home insurance, personal accident insurance, overseas travel insurances, various types of business insurance, contractors’ insurance, liability insurance, life insurance, pension insurance, nursing insurance, and health insurance are our daily concern.

Areas of specialization

We specialize in working with large organizations, industrial concerns and large and small businesses for all areas of insurance. This specialization enables us to offer our customers improved terms and competitive rates. Our specialized knowledge is expressed in the following ways:

  • The creation of smart insurance packages based on thinking outside the box
  • Uncompromising assistance for customers at the moment of truth 
  •  when making claims.
  • Personal service “to your door” for business and private customers.
  • Enormous experience and the accumulated knowledge of many years, together with innovation and a fresh, up to date vision.
  • Market leadership and partnership in setting new standards for the insurance industry.
Group vision
Danny Ovadia Insurance Agency is committed to professionalism in all its activity, and to achieving recognition as a leader in its field, thanks to providing high quality, progressive and advanced service, with integrity and fairness. Our long term success in realizing this vision is based on the following key factors:


  • Professionalism and skill: we use the latest technological advances to improve  the quality of our customer service.
  • We are committed to creating maximum value for our customers.
  • We employ professionals of the first rank, who are proud of their work and find it a source of inspiration and challenges.
  •  Profitability and a strong economic base are essential for the operation and growth of the Agency.
Accumulation of experience and reputation in the various fields of insurance.
Danny Ovadia Insurance Agencies – contact us:
Telephone: 03-6114911
Fax: 03-6114912
7 Jabotinsky St., Moshe Aviv Towers, Ramat Gan 52520
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